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Stainless Steel Soap
  • Product Code: CH00201022
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  • Weight: 60 gram
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Product Details:


Novel magic oval shape soap
High quality stainless steel soap
Mutipurpose soap
Conventient to carry ,unusual with the original soap
This product can be used for several decades,serve a long life, long-term benefit
Use steel soap to knead hands,washing them 30 to 60 seconds.It can remove all the peculiar smell,don't need any detergent
With a bag wet towel(or half steel soap will be soaked in water) can be used in the refrigerator, kitchen, toilet to remove smell
Can be used to scrub the body when taking a shower, use the wet towel to scrub your body
Can eliminate stinking feet, scrubbing smelly feetwith the wet towel
Can remove the fish taste, smell, bloody ginger, garlic, onion flavor for many of the peculiar smell
Can adsorb the toxic gas molecules from the house ,which had been decorated recently
Can remove medicine taste, smell, taste, including the money, diesel flavour and most peculiar smell, must be used together with water